Tham Khao Wang Thong ( Cave)

Attraction Details
ThamKhao Wang Thong is a limestone mixed with iron ore cave full of beautiful stalagmites. The cave is regarded as one of the most important touristic places in Nakhon Si Thammarat in Kanom district. There is a view point of Kan Thong district at the cave entrance. Inside, there are small and big rooms; the biggest room contains the area of approximately 2 rais.Inside a small- multi room, stalagmites and stalactites have a strange shape including pagodas, waterfalls, fish skins, custard apples, dams and many more.When they are reflected by the light, they become even more magnificent. To explore the cave, visitors sometimes need to climb, crawl or even bow to the ground; therefore, it is recommended that appropriate cloth should be worn in order to enjoy the beauty of the cave to its fullest.
It is not complicated to walk to the cave; just 300 steps of cement stairs from the hill then you will arrive at the cave’s entrance. On the clear-blue-sky day, visitors can even spot far to Samui Island’s view. The entrance is narrow decorated with little lights. The distance of the tunnel is approximately 50 meters. Visitors have to walk up 8 levels before arriving at the big rooms with piles of rocks located in the middle.
To visit, from Nakhon Si Thammarat city, take the highway 401 through Ta Sala district and Sichon district. When arriving at the T-junction, turn right and take the highway 4014. You will reach Kry Wing T-Junction, turn left and take the highway 4142 for another 6 kilometers. You will see the crossroad; turn left and take Kwaun-Ton Riang route. There is an entrance sign of ThamKhao Wang Thong at the front.


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